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Manufactured Homes Popularity

Why are Manufactured Homes so Popular?

Manufactured homes are more popular than ever before and there are several reasons for this.  For one thing, people are finding that it is easy to get exactly what they want in their new home, by customizing it almost any way that they want too.  They can also spend more money on their dream property because they will be spending much less on a manufactured home, while still having the ability to customize the interior of their new home.  After they have chosen the floor plan and interior amenities, they can place this new home on that dream property, all for a reasonable price… unlike many traditional brick and mortar homes.  Affordability and flexibility are really important components, for those purchasing a new manufactured home.  Also, because you do not need a permanent foundation when selecting a placement site, these homes offer even more flexibility as to where you choose to live.  All these things lend themselves to the surge in popularity of manufactured homes.

Manufactured homes have gotten very popular for several other reasons as well. With the increase in traditional home costs, people are looking for a way to save money and time.  With the downturn in the economy, many people are finding that they cannot afford to buy a brand new home.  That being said, people are finding that they cannot afford what they really want.  As a result, these home buyers are being forced to purchase much older homes.  The older homes come with the additional cost that is involved to fix things that are not working properly, including: electrical issues, such as inadequate and/or unsafe wiring, hot-water heaters that will eventually fail, dishwashers experiencing the same issues, issues related to electrical heat and failure of electric stoves.  In the case of natural gas appliances in an older home, the same holds true for hot-water heaters, furnaces, and stoves; plumbing can be another issue too.  If the roof of an older home needs to be replaced, that can easily cost $10,000 to $20,000… in addition to the sale price of the home itself.  All these repair costs need to be factored into the total cost of the purchase price.  Because many people cannot afford a brand new home with brand new utilities and appliances, it is really important to consider the age of the home that you can afford, after all the necessary repairs are paid for.  This is part of the reason why manufactured homes are becoming so popular.  When you buy a manufactured home, everything that is contained in the construction is brand new (including the roof, of course) and you do not need to worry about additional costs associated with your purchase.  Everyone would love to buy a brand-new traditional house but most cannot afford too.  When all these additional repair costs are factored into an older home, many are surprised that they cannot afford that either.  Not only can a manufactured home be beautiful but it will also give you years of dependable and reliable use, without all the additional expenses that many older, traditional homes come along with.

There are literally thousands of manufactured homes to choose from, depending on what your individual financial situation is.  The prices can vary from as little as $25,000 and go up to as high as $100,000, for a deluxe and highly customized manufactured home.  Usually, people are shocked at how nice these homes are inside.  The quality and craftsmanship is spectacular.  The nicer units look like they were "built" with only the finest materials; by one of the finest custom contractors available.  They don't just look like a house, they look like a warm and inviting home for you and your family to live in and enjoy for years to come.  Even so, a manufactured home is still more affordable than a new home that you would have to build yourself.  Excluding the cost of the land, the "construction cost" per square foot for a new manufactured home averages anywhere from 10 to 35 percent less than a traditional home.  Anyway that you look at it, they are a tremendous value and the quality in these homes will go far beyond your expectations.